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Making a throwing knife is always a challenge, it is a complex object to make, because it must be perfectly functional. Often there are throwing knives on the market that look very similar to a knife, both in terms of design, but especially in terms of workmanship.

As a knife maker, I did my best to bring my know-how and thus offer throwing knives that look like a real knife. So there is a lot of design work and the manufacturing is the same as the other blades in my range. A lot of grinding work is therefore carried out on each of them.

The Spinosaurus is a throwing knife designed for no-spin. The thickness of 8 mm allows a good slide of the finger and a very good control during the throw.

This knife is very slender and has an impressive penetrating power. The flight is perfectly taut and fast.

The hole placed in the center allows it to be rotated in a playful way and becomes familiar very quickly after a few tries.

The Spinosaurus is the longest (+ 1cm) and heavy knife in my range (about 10 to 15 g more than the Oversoul and Surgeon).

For my part, it is the knife that for me is the easiest to throw and to take in hand.

Will you be able to tame the power of the spinosaurus, the target devourer?

Video of presentation and test of Spinosaurs

Characteristics of Spinosaurs:

  • 8mm Hardox steel
  • Total length: 260mm
  • Blade length: 120mm
  • weight about 270 grams

The Spinosaurs are handcrafted in my workshop from laser cutting (cut in France).

1 review for 8mm Spinosaurus Throwing Knives

  1. PHILIPPE V. (verified customer)

    exceptional services and knives. Charles is a professional who really listens to his clients. he was able to respond and find a solution to the problems that I gave him because of very tight reception times on my part. Thanks again Charles you are really on top. As for the knives, what can I say? …. They are beautiful and super effective. Being brand new Nospiner I still only have an approximate technique. With my previous knives I used the Mad Bison throwing technique with a thrust on the index finger and not a brush. Taking the spinosaurs in hand I had a funny impression of a heavy blade and nothing in the handle, actually my technique didn't work with it. So I tried the index finger brush, and the…miracle. Knives that come out of the hand all by themselves, an 8mm wide handle that allows you to really feel them and guide them and there, stoc, stoc stoc….. plants. Certainly not every time it would be too good, LOL, but I admit it's not the fault of the knives, it's up to me to progress. Thank you again Charles for these superb knives, beautiful and efficient. Cordially. PhilippeV.

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