Surgeon Throwing Knives 8 mm

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Making a throwing knife is always a challenge, it is a complex object to make, because it must be perfectly functional. Often there are throwing knives on the market that look very similar to a knife, both in terms of design, but especially in terms of workmanship.

As a knife maker, I did my best to bring my know-how and thus offer throwing knives that look like a real knife. So there is a lot of design work and the manufacturing is the same as the other blades in my range. A lot of grinding work is therefore carried out on each of them.

sucker throwing knives with the Lowik knife thrower. We wanted a specialized knife to throw it in no-spin. It's a technique that allows you to throw your knife without spinning it. Depending on your level, you can instinctively throw your knife from 2 m to more than 10 m.

For the design, we wanted something recognizable at first glance. With Lowik showing great precision in his throws, we went with a design reminiscent of a surgeon's scalpel.

The sucker is made in 8mm thickness and the back is straight. This allows perfect control, as the knife is guided and held by the index finger when throwing. The thickness then offers a wide support zone and fine management of your throw.

What impresses when you throw a sucker is its flight, tense and perfectly straight! This knife is therefore a specialist in no-spin, but you can perfectly throw it in half-spin as well. The cutting edge is non-cutting.

The Hardox steel used is very resistant and ensures a long life for your knives. However, it is a carbon steel, so they will need to be greased to prevent rust.

The sucker has already conquered pitchers from all over the world. And you ?

Characteristics of the suckers:

  • 8mm Hardox steel
  • Total length: 250mm
  • Blade length: 98mm
  • weight about 250 grams

The suckers are made by hand in my workshop from laser cutting (cut in France).


29 reviews for Surgeon 8mm Throwing Knives

  1. Sébastien p. (confirmed customer)

    It’s a bodybulded Kiwol! it's heavy, thick and effective: I wouldn't want to be in my target's place! 😉 and what's more, it works very well in rotation over short distances. very nice finish too, it all exudes quality. In short, I am happy with my purchase!

  2. Jean michel Millet (verified customer)

    Congratulations! Awesome job! I can't wait to try them!

  3. serge Guennegues (verified customer)

    Impressive robust and aesthetic knives with which I will start my training.

  4. Dirk (verified customer)

    beautiful throwing knife

  5. Anonymous (verified customer)

    Ultra fast delivery, not tested yet but between the opinions of Lowik and Charles, I think I made the right choice (in any case in hand they are magnificent)

  6. Topi R. (verified customer)

    Very stable knife, awesome looks and decent flight.

  7. Yoann (verified customer)

    great balance, very good grip, and good sound

  8. Luc (verified customer)

    Very fast delivery. Great products!!!

  9. Régis B. (verified customer)

    Really beautiful.
    Just received tested and approved.
    Obliged to step back to be able to plant the never seen.
    Great thank you 🤩

  10. stone (verified customer)

    Superb throwing knives, all produced by a French cutler, only happiness 👊😊

  11. ANDRE LAMY (verified customer)

    Hello I bought a set of 3 Surgeons which were delivered in record time
    I was blown away by the quality of these knives and I found them so beautiful that I hesitated to throw them because I am a poor thrower
    But reassure -you I use it daily and I'm delighted.

  12. Christel R. (verified customer)

    pleasant in hand

  13. Alex B. (verified customer)

    _Surgeon is the best!
    _The Horus deserves to be known, quick to handle, nice look, versatile… although the back could be improved so that it crashes more easily on the other side.
    _The Over Soul…a Surgeon with a slightly heavier flight but a less pleasant grip.

  14. Jean-Yves D. (verified customer)

    Superb knives and wickedly effective!! 😈😈

  15. Julien Martret (verified customer)

    I am very happy, they are very beautiful and very effective. I'm making progress very quickly in no spin it's cool 👍👍

  16. Jérémy M. (verified customer)

    I don't have enough experience yet or practice with suckers to be able to evaluate at best but I'm already very happy with it, it plants very well, the feelings are very pleasant, I hope it doesn't won't fall apart too quickly because it's a dream fun to train with! Fast delivery, well packaged, nothing to say

  17. Francois G. (verified customer)

    A real treat to launch, super well balanced, it crashes very hard. In addition, the little eye serves as a benchmark for placing my finger in No Spin. I recommend!

  18. Eric Bellone (verified customer)

    Hello, I received my order and am more than satisfied, the knives are magnificent, the object itself is beautiful. I'm new to throwing, but it's motivating, getting started is easy so I'm not doing too badly for a start, it's motivating. I'm thinking of recommending 3 others very quickly. THANKS.

  19. Benoit (verified customer)

    I received these three little missiles… really enjoyed myself and they are magical!!!

  20. Guillaume T. (verified customer)

    Excellent knives. Bluffing!!

  21. Anonymous (verified customer)

    In the top

  22. patrice pigné (verified customer)

    very good knife

  23. Baptiste Pierret (verified customer)

    great knives

  24. Laurent (verified customer)

    Magnificent they are really very beautiful super well done and make a very nice whistle in the air nice job thank you

  25. Clément H. (verified customer)

    I really wanted to test them before evaluating, they are already magnificent, as in the photos, and the level of launching the feeling is just sensational! We feel that for the no spin it's the tool, the superb flight and I instantly felt that there was enormous potential.. quite possible to launch them with other techniques. My 5-year-old daughter planted the 3 in a row in halfspin on her first day… Performing safely and under supervision of course.. now the question is when will I be able to afford 3 more to complete my set especially since there's one who doesn't want to let them go either!!

  26. Sprecher Thomas (verified customer)

    The knife lies very comfortably in the hand and can be used for various techniques. I can only recommend it

  27. Laurent Fouchard (verified customer)

    Already very nice design with its scalpel look, it lives up to its name!
    The grip is ergonomic, the thickness of 8mm pleasant and the weight gives it an effective hold in flight at long distance. The impact in the target is heavy and it has a nice penetration. Stunning !

  28. Cestpasmoi CestToi (verified customer)

    Set of knives that I offered, here is the return:
    The best to learn knife throwing, easy to use.
    And very intuitive 😉 I had no doubts about the quality and passion you have for your job,

    Thank you for this set.

  29. Lancelot Henner (verified customer)

    These knives are absolutely brilliant.
    They launch very well in no-spin, it goes like a missile!!!.
    In terms of design, they are frankly superb and very well made.
    Happy with my purchase.
    Thank you so much.

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