8mm Splinter Throwing Knives

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Making a throwing knife is always a challenge, it is a complex object to make, because it must be perfectly functional. Often there are throwing knives on the market that look very similar to a knife, both in terms of design, but especially in terms of workmanship.

As a knife maker, I did my best to bring my know-how and thus offer throwing knives that look like a real knife. So there is a lot of design work and the manufacturing is the same as the other blades in my range. A lot of grinding work is therefore carried out on each of them.

The splinter was a real headache, because I wanted to revisit the Bo-shuriken. The concern is to have a knife design with an extremely thin gauge while achieving a double grind on 8 mm, a challenge!

I designed this model to be easily used by everyone, so it is very suitable for women and children thanks to its small size. However, it is also a formidable and highly maneuverable throwing knife. Its balance allows it to have a perfect flight even over long distances.

The splinter can be thrown like a Bo-shuriken, it is formidable in no-spin and half-spin. You can throw it very well in rotation, the handle allows a very fluid release. In addition, the cutting edges are left relatively thick, therefore not sharp to allow grips by the blade.

Bring out the ninja in you!


Characteristics of splinters:  

  • 8mm Hardox steel
  • Total length: 240mm
  • Blade length: 78mm
  • Weight: about 130 grams
  • The knives are laser cut from Hardox 450 steel, which is very resistant and ensures a long life for your knives.  However, it is a carbon steel, so they will need to be greased to prevent rust.

The splinters are handmade in my workshop from laser cutting (cut in France).


14 reviews for 8mm Splinter Throwing Knives

  1. Sébastien B. (verified customer)

    Beautiful aesthetically and functionally!

  2. Laury Thomas (verified customer)

    Finally, I found MY knives, design and balancing at the top a real treat in anti spin 😉 .
    It's simple, it's that with his knives that I manage to throw and plant beyond 10m, There's no need to think seriously, do you take a set for your home?

  3. Bertrand Vereecke (verified customer)

    Really very nice work, pretty stylish knives, good balance in hand, ready to be able to test outdoors

  4. Arnaud Beaurain (verified customer)

    Knife very pleasant to throw. I am very satisfied. The only downside to the hardness of the tip in the event of contact with hard ground following a missed throw (probably normal), the steel may not be hard enough.

  5. frederic d. (verified customer)

    superb knives and super efficient in no spin as in rotation I am a beginner and they are easy to handle
    thank you very much for the speed of sending

  6. Laury Thomas (verified customer)

    Nice well balanced design nice to launch in conventional And especially in Nospin, Only flat steel too soft and rusts quickly in comparison to other brands. Apart from that thank you opus 👍👍👍

  7. Luc (verified customer)

    Very fast delivery. Great products!!!

  8. Julien (verified customer)

    Really great knives!

  9. Judith (verified customer)

    Fantastic knives. I was very happy when I threw my first one. They look beautiful and are great to throw.

  10. sebastien (verified customer)

    hello very very beautiful knives delivery on time really a site to recommend thank you

  11. Julien P. (verified customer)

    The knives I feel most comfortable with, perfect in no spine and half spine, it's a real pleasure to throw them! Training hard with these scalpels can only lead to surgical precision!

  12. pintus manual (verified customer)

    great knives, I'm a beginner but it's a treat to throw

  13. Jean-François THOQUENNE (verified customer)

    New to this.
    I really appreciate the grip.
    Lightness and precision.
    Also ideal for introducing my 10 year old son.

  14. Lancelot Henner (verified customer)

    Thank you for these knives, they are perfect.
    I love the design. A high quality product.

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