Shrike No. 42



Sold with or without case. For the case, allow about 2 weeks maximum delay.

Splashing finish

As a knife maker and user, I am always looking for the best compromise between weight, ergonomics, efficiency on a knife and what is more on a claw.

The Shrike was born from these guiding ideas, but also from my wish to offer a self-defense claw or EDC knife with ergonomics thought out down to the smallest detail .

It took me a good 12 years of drawings and tests to arrive at the final shape and bring to this type of knife a different approach from what we usually find.

Here are the main characteristics of the Shrike, an ultra-compact knife:

  • The diameter of the hole allows the use of gloves .
  • The thumb notches reinforce the grip .
  • The hole open to the third on the bottom of the knife ensures an extremely safe grip whatever the use of the knife.
  • All sharp angles are broken and rounded for optimal comfort .
  • The thickness of the steel (4 mm) makes the knife very robust and pleasant in the hand.

The Shrike can be picked up in different ways. The classic grip with the index finger in the hole or the push dagger grip with the middle finger in the hole.

The compact size and the absence of a double edge allows it to be flipped to hide it entirely in the hand and to redeploy it very quickly.

The case is compatible with all bindings on the market , and it is sold mounted with a chain to be worn around the neck .

Why the name Shrike?

In English, it is a bird, the Shrike. Peaceful in appearance, this bird has a habit of impaling its prey on thorns on tree branches before eating it. I think this knife lives up to its name.

In terms of use, two schools, a defense and combat use like a pure claw. Either as a discreet EDC knife , useful on a daily basis for small DIY tasks or other uses.

The question is, can you tame the Shrike?

Shrike Features:

  • 4mm N690Co steel
  • Total length: 91.5mm
  • Blade length: 51mm
  • Height: 54.7mm
  • Hole diameter: 27mm
  • Weight about 38 g

This is a CUSTOM knife made in my workshop (FRANCE). It is therefore numbered, delivered in a case and with a certificate of authenticity. The steel is N690Co treated at 59-60 HRC under plate by me with a cryo at -20°. The kydex holster is also made in my workshop.




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