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Making a throwing knife is always a challenge, it is a complex object to make, because it must be perfectly functional. Often there are throwing knives on the market that look very similar to a knife, both in terms of design, but especially in terms of workmanship.

As a knife maker, I did my best to bring my know-how and thus offer throwing knives that look like a real knife. So there is a lot of design work and the manufacturing is the same as the other blades in my range. A lot of grinding work is therefore carried out on each of them.

This knife is the result of a beautiful friendship with the thrower Lowik. I offered him to create his own model, his ideal knife. Let Lowik walk us through the process of creating his throwing knife.

“This knife was born out of my fascination with Japanese knives, katanas and aggressive looking combat knives. I wanted a design that was inspired by all these universes, so the OverSoul was born (OS for short)

Its name comes from the manga “Shaman King” where the characters merge with their minds to combine their strengths, this process is called “Over Soul”

The tip of the tanto blade is very interesting on its performance and flight. It pierces the air and gives it a very straight trajectory and a particular sound. This blade profile also allows optimal penetration. This blade is also permissive and will crash into the target even at a significant angle!

Its compact size and weight make it an incredibly effective knife in no spin and half spin! And of course, it works wonders in rotation!”

Characteristics of the Oversoul:

  • 8mm Hardox steel
  • Total length: 250mm
  • Blade length: 115mm
  • weight about 260 grams

The Oversouls are handmade in my workshop from laser cutting (cut in France).


24 reviews for 8mm Oversoul Throwing Knives

  1. Dominique H. (verified customer)

    Very well a little hard to take in hand at first but used to be on the less heavy. Otherwise it sends like a ball, I just find the hole in the handle a bit boring for the grip in conventional but for the nospin no worries.

  2. Sébastien B. (verified customer)

    This triplet of knife look amazing. I can't wait to try them!

  3. jean noel cristini (verified customer)

    very beautiful knives, good quality of manufacture, not yet tried, deadlines respected

  4. Kevin H. (verified customer)

    Very good product!
    Quality material and finish. Very good flight! Impressive penetration! Since the time they were eyeing me, I'm really not disappointed

  5. Adrien Basanisi (verified customer)

    Hi I have the knives and they are beautiful!!!
    I haven't had the opportunity to try them yet because it's a gift but soon they will be launched on target.
    New comment coming soon. Just one thing, I would have liked to have an “opus” engraving present on the knives.
    Sincerely Adrian

  6. Dirk (verified customer)

    im a beginner – but still love this steel

  7. Sébastien Langlais (verified customer)

    Super grip, crazy quality, super happy.

  8. Anthony M. (verified customer)

    Got my knives and i love them. Definitely gonna be getting more from you my man. Thanks again for everything 🙏

  9. Mathieu D. (verified customer)

    First purchase of knives for throwing, very nice product, seems to me well suited for learning and for throwing in different styles. I recommend this product.

  10. Anthony (verified customer)

    For a novice like me, I admit that as soon as I opened the box, I had to look at them with the eyes of a child, they are so splendid.
    The pinnacle is reached on the first pitch that hits the bull's eye.
    From that moment, we know that we will spend hours of pleasure. And all this without counting the attention of Charles to respond quickly and attentively to his customers. In short, what happiness

  11. FRANCK RIO (verified customer)

    Super knife with a design at the top, fluidity in the release and crazy ergonomics really great I forgot an extreme solidity bravo!!!

  12. Arnaud L. (verified customer)

    Super knives very good in rotation and good feeling in no spin even if as a beginner I have difficulty, fast delivery and very good quality. I highly recommend.

  13. Eric H. (verified customer)

    Hi all ! What more can be said about the oversoul, design, weight, length, flush. To improve it, not much to say except to round the angles of the handle, the grip would be more pleasant after many throws.

  14. Benjamin R. (verified customer)

    RAS major.

  15. Antoine (verified customer)

    Quality, solidity, balance…

  16. Emilien Dupire (verified customer)

    I mainly throw in half-spin, and I haven't thrown soul overs much yet, 2 sessions and I already have as many successes as with my wildsteer mosquitoes that I've had for 3 years! The weight seems perfect to me, and the shape is great. I still have work to master them, but it will come without worries.

  17. Jeff V. (verified customer)

    very good throwing knives indeed! you will regret not getting these ones for sure!!

  18. Florian G. (verified customer)

    I am a beginner but these wonders are impressive! You have to see the video of the production to understand where this quality comes from… a big thank you to Charles! I can't wait to try some more.

  19. Théo hours (verified customer)

    It's a wonder the first time I took it in hand I smiled stupidly so it's pleasant and ergonomic + the aggressive style is really badass, my unemployed status would tell me that it may be a bit expensive but I can't say it's a defect because you can feel a great know-how behind it as well as a sense of detail with the packaging which is great.
    Well done, friend!!

  20. Mitch S. (verified customer)

    Love these knives beautiful design nice and thick and they hit with such a thunk 🙂

  21. kenneth (verified customer)

    Work great built like tanks super fast shipping thanks Charles Would buy again

  22. Anonymous (verified customer)

    These are so good that I intend to buy another set so I can throw 6 at a time. Out of every throwing knife I've purchased so far these are my favorite.

  23. Anthony F. (verified customer)

    As always on top!

  24. Francois G. (verified customer)

    As good as the Surgeons, same feeling when casting. So I can launch more with two different designs. Please note that they are very sharp for storage.

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