Ness Wolf No. 48


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Ness Wolf

This Ness Wolf is in acid splash finish. The handle is in stabilized stained curly birch. This knife comes with a hybrid sheath made by ATS. The retention is made with a kydex, then dressed in leather.

The Opus logo is present on the case, matching in color with the handle. The belt loop is removable and opens with dot pull pressures. The case can be disassembled to switch to left-handed.

nessmuk type knife .

It has been designed to maintain the guidelines of this traditional knife while bringing a touch of modernity to the whole.

It will make the ideal companion for hunting, hiking, camping and for all your outdoor activities .

The thin and rounded handle gives it a very pleasant and comfortable grip for good precision.


Features of Ness Wolf:

  • 4mm N690Co steel
  • Cryogenic hardening 60-61 HRC
  • Total length: 220mm
  • Blade length: 103mm
  • Weight about 150-170 g

This is a CUSTOM knife made in my workshop (FRANCE). It is therefore numbered, delivered in a case and with a certificate of authenticity. The steel is N690Co treated at 59-60 HRC under plate by me with a cryo at -20°. The kydex holster is also made in my workshop.


The price includes :

  • The numbered and sharpened knife.
  • A carrying case
  • A hybrid kydex and leather case





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