6mm Kiwol Throwing Knives

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The Kiwol is a knife intended for no spin or half spin throwing.

On this knife, I went with 6 mm thick to have a light and handy knife. The compact size makes it easily usable by children for example.

Always in this perspective of maneuverability and ease, the design has been thought out to allow the knife to be planted very simply. The point is thus very tapered thanks to the specific profile of the blade and the false counter edge.

This shape makes it very accurate on target, it's almost like having a dart in your hand.

Its low weight will allow you to use it for a long time without tiring your arm. What to take a lot of fun in front of your target.

You may have noticed, but the name of the knife is a nod to my thrower and friend Lowik, as it is his name backwards!

Become the king of the target with the Kiwol.


Characteristics of kiwol:  

  • 6mm Hardox steel
  • Total length: 245mm
  • Blade length: 113mm
  • weight about 195g
  • The Hardox steel used is very resistant and ensures a long life for your knives. However, it is a carbon steel, so they will need to be greased to prevent rust.

The Kiwol are handmade in my workshop from laser cutting (cut in France).


6 reviews for 6mm Kiwol Throwing Knives

  1. Théo (verified customer)

    the touch of Opus, always a kiff in terms of performance and a style that rocks, this kiwol is a little bomb, being in a period when I am starting to put power in my anti spins, the oversoul was starting to hurt me in case of too long sessions and the kiwol is for me a discovery of zinzin at this level, its 6mm are really easy to handle and its slightly curved back is very pleasant it's a real treat thank you Mr Opus I'm proud
    of throw your knives ⚔️

  2. sebastian p. (verified customer)

    That's great !! There's no hesitation, especially with the 20% discount! quality of finish and very nice work on the grinds. The bevel on the edges of the handle is perfect, just right. It's great to throw. I'm really happy with my purchase.

  3. christophe (verified customer)

    top finish, all that remains is to train the launcher!! ;-))

  4. Raphaël M. (verified customer)

    The knives are very beautiful and they fly very well in no spin

  5. Antoine (verified customer)

    A pleasure to cast and handle

  6. Wolf (verified customer)

    I love them!! The 6mm is a great compromise. They cut through the air like never before and the shape of the blade fits perfectly in the hand for half-spin. The handle is very comfortable and well finished: the edges and contours are well polished and very soft to spare our little mimines! The steel only chips very small when bumping into each other, again thank you for our hands. These are my first Opus knives and certainly not the last. Congratulations Opus! I'm so happy. Ah and it's good to throw knives that look like knives, it's a detail but the sewing needles and the cake servers were starting to get on my nerves...

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