Hades a Generous Pikal

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pikal type knife . It allows you to practice pikal (ice pick) type combat techniques The orientation of the blade is reversed .

The design of the handle has been designed to offer the possibility of being used in a classic grip for everyday use .

Its generous size and compact profile make it a very discreet knife to carry .

It has a double edge .

To make your knife even more unique, go to this section to choose a crazy handle! I make my custom unique! INSERT SIZE TO CHOOSE “SIZE S”


Features of Hades:

  • 5mm N690Co steel
  • Cryogenic hardening 60-61 HRC
  • Total length: 198mm
  • Blade length: 92mm
  • Length against cutting edge: 85 mm
  • Handle weight with plate about 100 gr and paracord about 85 gr

Production time about 3 weeks

This is a CUSTOM knife made in my workshop (FRANCE). It is therefore numbered, delivered in a case and with a certificate of authenticity. The steel is N690Co treated at 59-60 HRC under plate by me with a cryo at -20°. The kydex holster is also made in my workshop.

The price includes :

  • The numbered and sharpened knife.
  • A carrying case
  • A black or coyote kydex sheath depending on the paracord mounted with soft loop



5 reviews for Hades a Generous Pikal

  1. Kevin Nalley (verified customer)

    I love it! Great work and quality!

  2. Chabane B. (verified customer)

    Hello, just perfect the price and justified. a great design a sharp blades. but apart from the case a little less. But nothing serious. I do not regret my purchase Regards.

  3. David Rio (verified customer)

    aesthetic, aggressive, effective….. easy to conceal

  4. Felix M (verified customer)

    so, the design, there's no denying it's magnificent.
    But unfortunately the sharpening is disappointing. However, when ordering, I made it clear in the comments that good sharpening is very important. But on arrival, test sheet A4 90g: only one of the 2 sides passes it properly. Arrived at the receipt, it is always the same side which passes but that leaves something to be desired. A knife sharpened like that hurts me.
    Paid 239 euro, delivered without case, even if it was specified from the start, it makes me even worse. I hope to be able to catch up on the sharpening with the system I have, if not go to a cutler, which means increasing the bill.
    So I recommend this product if the sharpening is done as it should be;
    especially at this price, but if it is not better than the one I received I do not recommend this product. So I click on "recommend the product" thinking that this sharpening is just an accident knowing that being a custom knife, the manufacturer must ensure the quality of the finished product because it reflects his know-how and seriousness. You may have an ugly knife in your hands, but if it is very well sharpened, you will like it and you will even find it beautiful.

  5. roy (verified customer)

    superb pikal. excellent grip really very pleasant and perfectly usable in non pikal thanks to the thumb support and remote grip possible freshly a killer I love it. neat work on the realization really excellent port inside staic line for my part very discreet and comes out immediately. thank you for this knife

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