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The Gekaï is the EDC version of the Surgeon throwing knife.

This pure EDC knife was chosen by the Böker brand to integrate their catalog.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I offer you the midtech Gekaï at an unbeatable price.

The fixed all-steel construction ensures lightness and solidity. The thumb notches allow a secure grip on the knife.

The two holes in the ass take up the design of the Surgeon and allow the attachment of a strap or other paracord.

The Gekaï will be able to accompany you on a daily basis and it will fulfill all the usual tasks .

It comes with a kydex sheath and a belt attachment , to carry it easily and wherever you want.

Characteristics of the Gekaï by Böker:

  • D2 steel in 4.8 mm thickness
  • Total length: 190mm
  • Blade length: 82mm
  • Weight 85g
  • kydex sheath
  • Made in China

12 reviews for Gekaï by Böker

  1. Olivier (verified customer)

    A nice knife, which seems to me to be perfect to take camping or bivouac. Just the full tang in D2 which will make me take precautions with humidity and acidity (perspiration). The Kydex holster scared me at first, overretention. After a lot of manipulations it became much more fluid. And thank you by the way for the very quick advice about this problem.

  2. stone (verified customer)

    Another big thank you to you Charles, for the superb design of this small blade, simple and effective which will complete the rest of my collection of Opus Knives products… in the meantime, strength to you 👊

  3. Dirk (verified customer)

    nice one

  4. Morgan L. (verified customer)

    A very good knife that will certainly follow me every day at work. Discreet and versatile!

  5. Anonymous (verified customer)

    Excellent EDC, does not take up space and is effective for everyday tasks.

  6. Alexandre M. (verified customer)

    At the top for an EDC knife, and no steak can resist it for the moment 😉

  7. Julien (verified customer)

    Beautiful knife, sober and discreet with a very attractive price

  8. Julien (verified customer)

    I used my Islero to take this beautiful knife out of its box, well finished, razor sharp and sharp. I love the shape of this compact EDC. Maybe a paracord on the handle for more comfort, but it already falls well in my hand and the fingers fit perfectly on the notch and the grip.

  9. Eric H. (verified customer)

    Hello, the knife overall is magnificent, I look at it in all directions, nothing to say and to improve it it would be complicated. As for the edge, it cuts but not enough for my taste anyway, I'm taking them back all with the water stone. (I'm a maniac). On this, good continuation and to +

  10. Nils (verified customer)

    Super knife well packaged and the little note and the sticker that makes you happy

  11. Anonymous (verified customer)

    Bought to "spare" the custom version that I already have and so I really like this kind of knife. Good inexpensive product. Smoother handle, with edges without edges but less worked than on the original. Back of the blade wider and different from the house version. Slightly worse grip (for an average sized adult male hand) on this model. Lighter also what is normal the steel is different. Basic kydex case compared to the PTAC. For 39.95 it's fine. Obviously I prefer the other that I will certainly buy in another configuration.

  12. Boris Michel (verified customer)

    Come on, I don't give it a 5 star because perfection (for a MIC knife) does not exist…. whatever, this knife is really great, an ideal size for an EDC a correct weight, well balanced, razor sharp box, a kydex holster without any play, in short if I had a criticism to make it is on the clip of the holster which is not easy to adjust to pass it from horizontal to vertical port.
    Regarding your own knives 😉😉, I find them very tactically oriented or too original 😅😅, in short you should perhaps make some more conventional models……without denigrating the Opus style… would allow you to expand your clientele Yours, Boris

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