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Being a cutler is not just about making knives. I gravitate all day in a tactical universe and I am constantly looking for objects or tools that can be used in self defense while trying to be innovative.

I wanted a low profile (discreet) object that could be used on a daily basis without being noticed by the average person. The DYK was designed to use an object that everyone has with them on a daily basis in a defensive way: the bunch of keys.

All you have to do is attach the Drill Your Keys to your key ring to transform them into a formidable hitting object. Can be used both in rotation such as a karambit or to extend the keychain and thus have a good grip for hammer type strikes.

The design is designed to house the index finger in the ring and the middle finger is wedged into the hollow of the DYK. The notched zones allow once the ring in hand to come and scratch the opponent with this zone.

The advantage is thus to be able to organize or adapt your keychain according to your needs. It will then be easy to add small sharpie-type marker pens or small torches which, in hammer grip, will be perfect “impact tools”. Your imagination will then be your only limit to design your own self-defense tool.

The DYK is made of 4 mm N690Co steel, all edges are rounded to be as comfortable as possible during use. I work from laser cutting to have a guarantee of perfect proportions.

If you are a pacifist person, you can just have fun with your keychain by rotating it throughout the day, it's super fun and addictive.


Characteristics of the DYK:

  • 4mm N690Co steel
  • Length: 56mm
  • Width: 35mm
  • Weight: 18g

16 reviews for DYK Impact Tool

  1. Anonymous (verified customer)

    Small discreet everyday tools with a great finish, at the top 👍🏻

  2. Cédric (verified customer)

    Great object.
    You quickly get used to playing with your keys. The tip might need to be a little wider to prevent the key ring from getting stuck in it.

  3. Gaël (verified customer)

    Superb little useful keychain whose use is super addictive!

  4. Anonymous (verified customer)

    Very nice piece, my only flaw would be a slightly higher space for a ring to fit in without getting stuck at its base, but very pleasant to play with

  5. Emmanuel Pinte (verified customer)

    Magnificent this object is really at the top to use with the keys or as a simple impact tool it is discreet and the hold in hand is perfect

  6. Julien J. (verified customer)

    Top 👍

  7. Anonymous (verified customer)

    In the top

  8. Matteo (verified customer)

    An object that all resilient people should have for their personal safety, I reassure men and women with big paws, the ring is big enough for big fingers. Very good
    for making a personalized key ring.
    Lightweight Space
    beautiful finish
    Long-term artisanal work
    Thank you.

  9. Sébastien D. (verified customer)

    Soft in appearance, far from having an idea of ​​its use. Perfect!

  10. Romuald FRESNEAU (verified customer)

    excellent practical and very pretty light accessory

  11. Jean-paul Montet (verified customer)

    Very good quality

  12. Brice (verified customer)

    Excellent finish!👍

  13. Jean Servière (verified customer)

    Playful and original key ring

  14. Adam Ska (verified customer)

    Quick and neat delivery.
    Great attention is paid to the creations, which are of high quality and which will last over time.
    I hope to have the opportunity to recommend again


  15. Wilfrid Delnord (verified customer)

    Brilliantly simple! The bunch of keys begins to turn between the fingers in a very pleasant gesture.

  16. Alexandre Target (verified customer)

    Very practical and low profile self product.
    Very fun and super addictive “toy”.

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