Stock of inserts to personalise your knife


This section is not a brochure sale.

The purpose of this section is to allow you to choose a unique handle for your future knife.
The process for ordering is as follows:

First of all, choose the model of knife you like, for example a Hades
Choose your blade finish
Select a handle, no matter which one (especially not paracord, otherwise the order will not be valid)
Add it to the basket
Look for a pair of plates compatible with this model
Add or not G10 liners according to the handle and your wishes
Add the chosen pair to the basket (the price of the inserts varies according to their nature)
Check the compatibility before finalizing the order.

You have now designed your own custom knife according to your taste, it's up to me to sublimate it in the workshop!

XS size pads: Islero and Islero Pikal

Plate size S: Sobek, Ratel, Ness wolf, Hades, Opus, Loken V2, Pyrana, Cerberus, Sky hawk

Plate size M: Darkness, Survival wolf, Kaiman

Plate size L : Seton and Bestiau

XL size plate: Timber Wolf and Korosu

Special brochure: Divoc and One Punch Knife