Horus throwing knives 6 mm

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Sold in a set of 3 knives

The manufacturing time is about 1 to 2 weeks.

Making a throwing knife is always a challenge, it is a complex object to make, as it must be perfectly functional. Very often you can find throwing knives on the market that look very much like a knife, both in terms of design, but especially in terms of manufacture.

As a knifemaker, I have done my utmost to bring my know-how and thus offer throwing knives that look like a real knife. There is therefore a lot of design work and the manufacturing is the same as the other blades in my range. A lot of work is done on each of them.

The Horus is my first throwing knife. It was complicated. It took two of us, with Lowik, almost 10 versions to get to the final version. A lot of research and testing was necessary to find the perfect steel for the knife.

Our brief was to have a 6mm thick knife, a sleek and efficient look, good balance, a versatile knife and a comfortable handle.

The Horus meets these criteria perfectly and has passed all our tests with flying colours.

The design is sleek, but with a double-edged blade, the name is that of the Egyptian god with a hawk's head, as this is a knife that melts on its prey and the penetration into the target is impressive!

So you can use this knife in different ways. Rotating, half-spinning, no-spinning and blade gripping. The cutting edge is of course non-cutting.

The Hardox steel used is very resistant and ensures a long life for your knives. However, it is a carbon steel, so you will have to grease them to avoid rust.


Characteristics of the Horus :

  • Hardox steel 6 mm
  • Total length: 265 mm
  • Blade length: 124 mm
  • Length against edge: 70 mm
  • Weight approx. 270 grams

The Horus are handmade in my workshop from laser cut (cut in France).



3 reviews for Horus 6 mm throwing knives

  1. Michael D. (confirmed customer) - –

    I haven't had a chance to try the knives yet, but I'm pleased with the speed of delivery, the quick response to my messages and the finish of the knives.
    I will buy again soon.....

  2. Pascal L. (confirmed customer) - –

    Superb knife, the quality seems excellent, to see with time, I remain confident, plant very well, I have a little difficulty for the instinctive and without rotation, more used to the rotation

  3. Anonymous (confirmed customer) - –

    Very good

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