Jabberwock Lancer Knives 5 mm

319,00 - – 359,00


Sold in SET of 3 knives with or without case.

Delivery time about 3 weeks

Once again, my passion for manga and knives come together to name my first spinning knife.

The Jabberwock is a superpowered monster that sleeps in a young boy and gives him superhuman strength and power. It is the central character of the famous manga ARMS.

What could be better for this powerful throwing knife than this mythical name?

The blade is designed for easy, deep planting. It is very sharp and the counter edge maximizes penetration. The curve of the tip allows the knife to be planted at different angles on target and will catch throwing errors.

The weight of the knife is concentrated further forward to best engage the rotation during the throw.

The handle is designed for a smooth and precise release, all sharp edges are broken and smoothed.

It is mounted with 2 mm kydex pads imitating textured embossed leather. This gives you a good grip even in bad conditions.

The pads are screwed into three places on the handle, giving you sensory cues for consistent hand placement.

The screws and plates are not glued, so you can remove them to clean the knife if needed. They can be changed easily or you can even make new ones in a kydex of your choice to customize your knife.

The screws used are chamfered, so the comfort remains perfect during the release.

What's up! Will you be able to tame the power of the Jabberwock?


Jabberwock characteristics:  

  • Hardox steel 5 mm
  • Total length: 330 mm
  • Blade length: 175 mm
  • weight approx. 390 g +/- 5 g
  • screwed kydex insert

The Jabberwock are handmade in my workshop from laser cut (cut in France).



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