Cerberus N°27


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The Cerberus

It has an acid spray finish and a brown juma handle. The blade is without cutting edge. It is delivered with a kydex sheath and mounted with a soft loop.

This knife has a really special story. It's what I call an outlet design.

The creation of a knife does not always follow a standardized and identical process. Either one has specific specifications and creates the knife according to them, or one can let one's imagination run free. Then more rarely, as for the cerberus, it allowed me to externalize painful feelings following the serious health problems of one of my children.

I felt the need to bring out this anguish and fear in a drawing, and the cerberus was born. The version you see is 99% identical to the drawing I made.

As you may have guessed, I was grinding a bit, because this knife is not made for buttering bread.

Thus the Cerberus, which is the guardian of the gate of hell, is a fighter type blade with a very aggressive design and a double edge. The curved shape of the blade makes it suitable for everyday use.

I have worked on the grip very carefully. The handle is very ergonomic and extremely secure both at the front and at the back. The part at the level of the logo allows to put the thumb to have a perfect control of the knife. The claw return at the butt of the handle allows for boxing with the knife or clawing in reverse grip.

The Cerberus is an unusual looking blade, but devilishly fearsome. Will you be able to tame it?


Characteristics of the cerberus : 

  • Steel N690Co 5 mm
  • Total length: 200 mm
  • Blade length: 106 mm
  • Length against edge: 47 mm


This is a CUSTOM knife made by me in my workshop (FRANCE). It is therefore numbered, delivered in a case and with a certificate of authenticity. The steel is N690Co treated to 60-61 HRC with a professional cryogenic hardening.



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