Charles de BUYER - The Creator

I received my first knife from my father as a present for my first judo competition. I was 6 years old and I still remember it. The knife has this particular power to be an object with strong sentimental value, a legacy that one can leave.

My first contact with steel was soon after. With my father, we had built a forge in a wheelbarrow with a modified hoover as a blower. With this, we made our first forged "blades"!

The passion was then beginning to be born, so we moved on to a more efficient forge a few years later. What a pleasure and pride to forge at weekends at home with his dad.

It was while forging our blades in our spare time that my father came up with the idea of creating the Wildsteer. The famous archer's knife! The Wildsteer company was born in 2004 and was run by my mother for the first few years.

Then came my studies, BAC, BTS, Licence, and my first jobs. Far from the world of cutlery, we had lost sight of each other and our blades.
At the same time Wildsteer was growing, both my parents were now working there. In 2013 I joined them, as the flourishing business needed an extra pair of hands.
My life as a cutler was finally about to begin!
For the first 5 years I was able to train in cutlery, making, designing, finishing and sharpening. Accumulating expertise and experience over time, I embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship in 2018 in order to fully express my creativity.
Indeed, that same year, my micro-business was born, I then became one of the few people to have two jobs as a knifemaker at the same time.
This double hat lasted 3 years, during which I enjoyed working on all fronts with passion and rigour. In July 2021, I decided to leave the family business to devote myself full time to Opus Knives.

Since then, all my time is devoted to the creation of my knives, with the aim of finding innovative, functional and unique designs. My specificity is to put design at the service of the user, no compromise is made on comfort and ergonomics. My blades are made to be used and to go on the field!
All you have to do is choose yours...

The Opus clan is waiting for you!

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One of my strengths is that I have been able to find reputable partners to offer you knives that are increasingly adapted to your activities. In spite of the young existence of my company, they trusted me and we have developed a good working relationship and friendship


This is how my first collaboration with the Spanish cutlery company Cudeman came about. My Ness Wolfhunting and bushcraft knife will then have the chance to integrate their catalogue. My first Midtech was born. Cudeman is still a privileged partner for me and new projects are to come.


Then, thanks to social networks, I met Lowik. Well known for his prowess with a throwing knife in his hand, we have developed several knives together including the famous "Surgeon" which is a hit with pitchers all over the world.

French Adventurer

One day an adventurer contacted me on Instagram and said
"Charles, draw me a knife". The challenge was quickly accepted despite a demanding specification and an explorer concerned about the smallest detail. The Yukon was then created for Anthony Verlaine aka French Adventurer.

Böker Knives

Then a consecration came, a collaboration on my first model, the Islero. This consecration came because this new partner was none other than Böker Knives, the world famous German company. I thus entered the closed circle of French knifemakers present in their catalogue.